Tove Johansson

Tove Johansson is a Swedish born designer currently working in Paris. She designs for fashion, textiles, paper goods and interior, as well as developing her own accessory and
interior product line. In true scandinavian style, her geometric prints are both eye-catching and minimal in their design. I definitely need all of those throw cushions on my sofa immediately!!

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day and the theme this year is Remember. So, with this in mind, we just passed a piece of paper round all the writers in the studio and asked them to each come up with a line of a poem…this was the result:

As the memories swim in and out of my mind

and twist and tangle through nostalgic thoughts

caught in the silver gossamer of a simpler time

I fall into the deepening well of the past

to a place where I can hold subconscious matter

But there are things in here with me! And they’re laughing and pointing!

I’ll always remember them, because they’re funny-looking and smelly

And they make me jangle like wind chimes in the breeze

So I will carry these treasures in my thoughts for eternity -

these sights, these sounds, these scents – for whenever I want them to take me back.