Bag Portraits

Mik Artistik is an artist from Leeds who has been producing Bag Portraits for 30 years. He stops people he sees in the street or pub “bagging” them by creating portraits with black pen on brown paper bags. His simple line drawings and basic materials portray real character in each of his subjects. The Offsite Gallery in London is currently exhibiting his work – Mik Artistik: Bags of Life. Mik also has a band who regularly perform at festivals. Read more about his interesting life here.

Mik Artistik portrait 1Mik Artistik portrait 2Mik Artistik portrait 3

The Winner!! Kool For Kids design Competition

After much consideration we are delighted to announce that Antoana Oreski is the winner of our Kool For Kids Design Competition!

The judges loved the way Antoana took the theme of kids’ birthday treats & turned it into unique & quirky little characters. Really fun! The balance of colour & use of pattern & texture in the design are really strong too.

Congratulations Antoana!! We will be in touch shortly : )


Thanks again to everyone who entered! : )

Kool For Kids – Competition Results!

Andrew Torrens

We love the composition & storytelling in Andrew’s savannah scene as well as his wonderful characters. His illustration is full of detail & keeps your interest by creating small scenes to make up the bigger picture.


Antoana Oreski

We love the way Antoana has taken the theme of kids’ birthday treats & has turned them into quirky little characters. Really fun!

Genine Delahaye

We love Genine’s cool characters, they look like they are having lots of fun! Great balance of colour, & use of texture & hand lettering in her design.

Li-Han Huang

We love the simple design, symmetry & use of colour in Li-Han’s design. The cut out feel is reminiscent of paper craft art & the characters are really fun!

Lin Shih Chang

We love the use of colour & composition in Lin Shih’s work as it draws your eye in to the main octopus character. Great lettering too, we like the way the character has been incorporated into it.

Susse Linton

We love the retro aesthetic to Susse’s fun design. The use of texture, line work, colour balance & pattern really tie this look together giving it a vintage storybook feel with a modern twist. Great characters too!