Hot Hamster Action!

OK. So, I’m guilty. I was ‘researching online’ and lo and behold I found myself watching a cute and rather amusing clip of a hamster running on a wheel from the BBC’s Pets: Wild At Heart. Well, slap my thighs and call me Shirley…rather than it be wasted time, I thought I’d share it with our beautiful blog followers who, let’s face it, deserve to time-waste as much as the next arty-farty person. Enjoy, my fine furry-friend lovers!

Top Words of 2014

 The results are in, and the heart emoji has been deemed the most used term of 2014! According to the Global Language Monitor, this is the first time an ideograph has been named the Top Word of the Year. Check out the list below to discover the rest of the top fifteen, or click to find out what they mean! 

1. The Heart ♥ Emoji (for love)

2. Hashtag #

3. Vape

4. Blood Moon

5. Nano

6. Photo Bomb

7. Caliphate

8. (White) privilege

9. Bae

10. “Bash” Tag

11. Transparency

12. Sustainable

13. Clickbait

14. Quindecennial

15. Comet