To celebrate National Dog Day on the 26th August, we thought we’d share a few ‘behind the scenes’ snaps of our favourite pooch photoshoots (as if you needed an excuse to look at cute puppies).

These four-legged superstars happily stroll around our office, draw attention from our hardworking creative team, and (literally) chew the scenery. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Keep an eye out for these cute canines appearing on our upcoming card ranges.

Happy reading and happy petting!

1) Sometimes, you’ve just got to roll with the photographer’s directions…Dalmation puppy sat on wrapping paper

2) Find someone who’ll support your A-list aspirations…Dog being held by a woman

3) Who says fashion can’t be comfortable and stylish?Dog wearing a blue tartan scarf

4) When you’ve perfected your ‘smizing’ technique…Golden Labrador smiling at the camera

5) Always be the centre of the after-pawty…Sausage dog wearing a party hat

6) Include belly rubs in your contract…Black puppy getting a belly rub

Of course, Hallmark Cards knows that all dogs are superstars 🐶