It can be hard to resist the calling of your favourite chocolate bar. At the checkout, the vending machine at work, a birthday celebration box. All these little moments where your will power is tested. Give in… just one won’t matter. Maybe just one more…

These days however there’s so much more to draw you in than the simple longing for the delectable cocoa confectionery. Packaging plays a huge part, and has done for some time now.

Ignoring the staple brands, we’re talking about the less well know, the artisanal brands, the cocoa crafters. Like craft beers, their packaging is their selling point, making shelf impact its key function to sell us the goodness of what’s inside the wrapping, and often times, other than the type of content we’re craving, is the only indication we have.

Raaka Chocolate

Marou Chocolate
Marou Chocolate

Utopick Chocolate

Hush Chocolate

xoxolat chocolate
Xoxolat Chocolate via The Dieline

Doisy and Dam

Gotham Chocolates

Nibmor Chocolate [Cover Image]