Barcelona Think Posters by Studio Carreras

Coinciding with the World Day of Philosophy and the Faculty of Philosophy by the University of Barcelona, a most diverse group proposes two weeks philosophy for everyone philosophical host various events: conferences, exhibitions, books, conferences, philosophical vermouth, concerts, film forums, philosophy for children … grouped into different sections and areas to provide an opportunity to think about everything that challenges us day by day : music, politics, art, and … pushes us to think beyond the stereotypes and cliches.

“Barcelona think” philosophy aims to bring everyone to show their role in the production and transmission of our culture.

This philosophy festival is intended to be perpetuated as much time as necessary to think, because they are precisely the values promoted by the need for citizens to think for themselves, to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge that will serve to develop performance criteria both ethical and political or aesthetic, and the “high culture” is no longer an elitist well to get everyone to education and broadcasting media to be participatory and allow everyone to feel involved with preparation of speeches which ultimately end up channeling what is crucial in our lives. 
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