Inspiration is everywhere.


Take a peek outside and open your eyes to the world around you. Relinquish the perpetual perusal of Pinterest, the frenzy of Facebook and the twittering of Twitter.

It’s time to find your creative cravings from other places.

Living close to Leeds (20 minute drive/train journey), one place is a destination of choice, ignoring the lovely coffee shops on the way of course, Colours May Vary is a superb little independent book shop with so much to offer.

Colours May Vary

Opened in November 2012, they stock a range of beautiful, useful and inspirational wares, and are proud to say they were the first shop in Leeds to focus on design publications from graphic art and design, typography, illustration, and product design their range of books, journals, prints, cards, gifts, wrap, homeware and stationery are sourced both locally and Internationally.


Exhibitions, events and workshops have also been held there for the past few years too.

These guys know there stuff, with an enormous amount of enthusiasm to boot.

If you’re ever heading in the Leeds direction, we wholeheartedly recommended making a visit. If not, or it’s just that bit too far out of the way, hit their website for all the details and more.