The 10th October is World Mental Health Day, an annual date aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues and mobilising efforts in support of mental wellbeing.

Curry & Chaat is an (amazingly titled) initiative championed by Mental Health Foundation, a UK charity that researches and addresses the source of mental health problems. The campaign is all about getting together with friends, family and/or colleagues, having a curry and raising money and awareness for good mental health. You can learn more about Curry & Chaat here.

As mental wellbeing is a key focus for Hallmark, we held our very own Curry & Chaat event on World Mental Health Day.

Clipboard with a poster for the event

Our canteen served delicious chicken tikka masala and vegan chickpea curry, along with tasty samosas and an array of condiments.

Sauces and sides for the curry

Chicken curry and rice in large bowls

Hallmarkers submitted their suggestions and tips for improving mental wellbeing in the workplace, and there was opportunity to sign up for a confidential talk with a mental health steward. We also had a few collection boxes for Mental Health Foundation (we’ll keep you updated with the total amount!).

A woman submits a suggestions slip for mental wellbeing

A woman submits a suggestions slip for mental wellbeing

It was a fantastic event and brilliant to see so many people discussing ideas.

And although we held our Curry & Chaat on World Mental Health Day, you can hold your own event at any time of the year. We’re very tempted by festive curry recipes…all for a great cause, of course!