For many years I have loved making paper planes. In my younger years (which now feels like such a long time ago) there were always paper plane books around, either received as birthday gifts or Christmas presents, or simply another compulsive pocket money buy.

There were so many to choose from and make, coming in all different shapes and sizes, and in varying complexity.

I’l always remember one design that never actually came to life as a result of these instructional plans.

I have no idea what the design is called or where it originated, but it’s a great little plane. It was taught to me by an older boy on our street when I was around 8 years old. He swiftly constructed it with skill and witchcraft whilst I looked on with amazement, studying every move he made, noting every slight nuance as each crease came closer to the final design.

It was obvious that he had constructed it many times before, and once finished, it was launched almost immediately. A gentle shove, and the folded paper left his pinch with a grace never witnessed before. Within seconds, the flight path was abruptly altered as a gust of wind lifted it up to the height of the local rooftops, and consequently causing it to travel further than any paper plane in my 8 year existence. Amazing!

It is from that moment my plane building was refined to just this one design.

Feel free to download the plans (800kb pdf) – created especially for you, like a gift that keeps on giving.

Pro Top 1: Try curling the wing tips up a little to give your plane a touch more lift.
Pro Tip 2: Too much curling can cause your plane to stall, leading to catastrophic results – subtlety and experimentation is advised.

01-PaperPlane_Start_with_A4 02-PaperPlane_Fold-Back 03-PaperPlane_1 04-PaperPlane_2 05-PaperPlane_3 06-PaperPlane_4 07-PaperPlane_5 08-PaperPlane_6 09-PaperPlane_7 10-PaperPlane_7_Fold_2 11-PaperPlane_Folded_Wings 12-PaperPlane_Finished 13-PaperPlane_Tapered_Wings




This is an alternative design that holds the world distance record.