Welcome to our dedicated Hallmark at New Designers page.

Here we will endeavour to show you all the latest happenings at the show. There’s lots going on, including workshops an portfolio reviews, all within our newly designed and brightly coloured stand.

If you are able to make it down to the show, we’d love for you to pop by and say hi, grab a pair of sunglasses, put on a crown and generally soak up all the creative goodness that’s going on all around.

However, for those unable to head our way south, this is the place to take a look around at what we’ve been up to in a retrospective neon filled photo and video montage.

We hope you enjoy the view!


So, without further ado, here’s this years promotional video we’re showing at the stand. Turn down the lights, close the curtains and sit back…


This year at the stand – Week One.

PHOTO-2018-06-27-12-18-10 7
Don’t stare at it too long – we have glasses for that. The new 2018 stand is a bit bright!

Workshopping chinnanagins

Portfolio review

Peg Doll Workshop close-up

Finished Peg Dolls

More Workshopping creative folk

PHOTO-2018-06-29-12-08-13 2
Workshop from above

Workshop crew helping out

PHOTO-2018-06-29-12-08-12 4
Workshop crew helping out – zoomed in spy shot

PHOTO-2018-06-29-12-08-12 3
From afar

PHOTO-2018-06-29-12-08-13 5
Reverse shot – this is what you’ll see when you arrive into the hall



What? – You want even more?

OK – As you’re here soaking up the neon glow, we’ve also got some shots of the stand being build, if you’re interested that is?

Great! – follow this link to the Stand Build page 🙂