As we approach Mother’s Day, I find myself thinking about how lucky I am to have my mum nearby and realise how often I’ve taken her support for granted.

It wasn’t just the physical help in the early days as a new mum – the home-made lasagne waiting when we got home from the hospital… a trusted pair of arms to help rock an overtired little one to sleep… all the baskets of tiny clothes whisked away and returned beautifully ironed and folded with love.

It’s been all the emotional support too – having her there at the end of the phone, for panicked late night questions about spots and temperatures… having her shoulder to cry on when things get too much, or a reassuring “that’s normal” when I feel I’m really losing it.

I just can’t imagine how I would have coped back in the early days, or how I would manage even now, without my mum and her unconditional love and support. Because, no matter how grown up we get, we never stop needing our mums.

So, to my so often under-appreciated mum, THANK YOU from the bottom of my ironing pile… you’re amazing!