As part of our new blog series, we’re on the lookout for creative inspiration – and Plant One on Me is a fantastic discovery.

The amazingly-named tea room, based in Bradford’s Sunbridge Wells complex, boasts a variety of house plants, flowers and gifts.

Owner Ursula Sutcliffe has welcomed locals to the cosy cafe since May 2019. Throughout our visit, regulars popped by to discuss plant care and check out the latest additions to the well-stocked greenery.

Tables and chairs outisde a cafe window
Lots of different plants

Every aspect of the café has been carefully considered, from the repurposed coasters to the motivational plant puns. You can relax with a generous slice of homemade cake (the lemon drizzle is delicious) while listening to 1960s vinyl records and admiring the mini orchid place setting.

For many urban dwellers, house plants are a great alternative to gardens. It’s therefore no surprise that Instagram is inundated with photos of indoor greenery, usually tagged with #PlantHoarder #PlantGoals and #JungleVibes.

The striking spider ivy and photogenic prayer plants are especially popular on social media. Meanwhile cacti are still in demand – the University of Bradford recently ordered 400 of the spiny plants through the cafe.

Plants in a wooden tray

Along with brightening up your home and deskspace, plants can be beneficial for your mental wellbeing. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, gardening improves mindfulness, helps build resilience and connects people to the environment.

Plants hanging from a metal chain

So if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, expert advice or an inspiring place to write, we highly recommend putting down roots in Plant One on Me.