Hallmark’s mental wellness program has officially launched!

Our internal campaign has a clear goal of removing the stigma around mental health in the workplace, which we aim to do by:

  • Encouraging discussion and honesty.
  • Actively educating managers on the signs of mental health problems.
  • Ensuring everyone at Hallmark is aware of the tools that are in place and the support available to them if they need any help.
  • Training a team of volunteers as ambassadors of mental health.

We’re also working on a calendar with monthly themes, events with guest speakers, and downloadable tool kits to help employees plan, organise and prioritise workloads. The themes and activities will look at some of the common triggers around mental ill-health, and the positive actions people can take to help themselves and others around them.

Along with the activities (which you can read more about below), the campaign is really to encourage people to talk – we want to normalise talking about mental health, take away the fear of judgement and replace it with education and inclusivity.

Mindfulness Activities

Pile of colourful and tangled yarn

To kickstart the program, we held an activity lunch on the 23rd April to encourage Hallmarkers to take some time out of their day to interact over creative exercises. The mindfulness activities included Reiki, hypnotherapy and Lego construction.

Man and woman sat at table playing with Lego

A study by Otaga University showed that after engaging in crafty activities – such as knitting and drawing – people felt happier and calmer, and had more energy the following day. Taking a break to focus on a different activity can also improve your long-term productivity.

Woman sat at table colouring in a large design on paper

Reading is another great way to relax. MHFA England says that reading for as little as 6 minutes a day can decrease stress levels by 60% by reducing your heart rate, easing muscle tension and altering your state of mind.

Woman sat at table reading a book about calmness


As part of the activity lunch the Writing Studio launched Pick-Me-Ups, an internal campaign focused on the power of positive words.

Large black board with silver and gold envelopes

Hallmarkers were encouraged to write a motivating quote on a card, which was then placed in a sealed envelope. Throughout June, these envelopes will be hidden around the office for people to discover. As an extra ‘pick me up,’ the envelopes also contain 2 free drinks coupons – so the reader can treat themselves and a workmate to a brew.

Man in hat writing a positive message on a card

According to research for Thinking of You Week, two-thirds of people think a handwritten message is much more thoughtful than a text message, email or social media post.

Note 11

We’re looking forward to Hallmark’s future wellbeing events, which include lunchtime walks, art exhibitions and a blood donation drive.