Thursday 10 October is World Mental Health Day, an annual date focused on mental health education and advocacy against social stigma.

This year’s theme is suicide prevention. Hallmark recently hosted guest speakers from Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service to discuss this sensitive and important topic.

We also held a Curry & Chaat on World Mental Health Day, to bring colleagues together and promote our internal mental wellbeing programme.

You can read more about these events below.

Curry & Chaat

Following the success of last year’s event, Hallmark ran another Curry & Chaat at our head office.

A sign advertising the Curry & Chaat

Curry & Chaat is an initiative championed by Mental Health Foundation, a UK charity that researches and addresses the source of mental health problems. The campaign is all about getting together with friends, family and/or colleagues, having a curry and raising money and awareness for good mental health.

Bowls of curry

The canteen tables were joined together to bring everyone closer and get people talking. We also collected donations for the Mental Health Foundation and shared tips for good mental wellbeing.

Learn more about the Curry & Chaat campaign here.

Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service

The logo for Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service

Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service (LSBS) was launched in 2015 as a partnership between Leeds Mind and Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service. They provide one-to-one counseling, peer groups and family support for a range of topics, such as coping with grief, flashbacks and anxiety.

On Tuesday 24 September, Postvention Practitioner Surinder Rall talked to Hallmarkers about the impact of bereavement by suicide, and how people can feel isolated and reluctant to discuss the grief process.

We also learnt about the service’s events and campaigns. Darkness into Light, a fundraising walk, provides an opportunity for people to connect with their local community and show their support for those who have been bereaved by suicide.

Volunteers wearing yellow jumpers, walking past an old brick building
Volunteers on the Darkness into Light walk

On the first Tuesday of each month, LSBS holds an informal group drop-in session from 6-8pm at Leeds Civic Hall. Anyone can attend these sessions for support and information on the service.

Hallmark’s Focus on Mental Health

Good mental wellbeing is an ongoing priority for Hallmark Cards. Since launching our internal programme in April 2019, we’ve held a series of presentations, training sessions and interactive workshops focused on mental wellbeing.

A mindful crafting session

We also have a dedicated team of ‘Mental Health Champs’ to help support wellbeing in the workplace.