Cool socks are everywhere and I have looked into how they are worn. Below are 9 styling tips from the Cupcakes & Cashmere blog.




Simple Tips to Follow for Styling Socks with Shoes:

1. The crazier the sock, the simpler the shoe. If you’re going for a fishnet (which are their own micro-trend within the sock trend right now), a sparkly sock, a patterned sock, or a sheer sock, stick with a flat and/or neutral-colored shoe. If the shoe is going to have a heel, it should be an un-detailed and daytime-wearable style. For example, a brown or black leather, block-heeled, round or square-toed pump or ankle boot.

2. The converse to that rule is the crazier the shoe, the simpler the sock. If you’ve got a fun pair of furry slides, reach for a basic neutral pair of socks (gray, white, black, tan), and skip the pizzaz.

3. If you’re going to do a sock with an open-toed sandal, the sandal should be flat or extremely low-heeled, and a clean, sleek style (i.e. nothing lace-up or too strappy).

4. If you’re doing a bolder sock like a fishnet, or an open-toed shoe (which is more daring than a closed-toe shoe), make sure that there’s only a little bit of leg showing.

5. If you are wearing a mini skirt + socks look, the shoes you pair with the outfit should be flat.

6. For a sporty sneaker look, a neutral sock is best—pairs with patterns don’t work as well with the inherent casualness of the shoe as simple pairs in basic colors do.

7. For a below-the-ankle sneaker + sock look, a cropped trouser is a great pant to pick—the more formal style (versus, say, jeans), is a cool juxtaposition to the sporty shoe, while the cropped cut showcases the sock. 

8. In general, the thinner the sock the better. This look isn’t about warmth so skip the camping socks and go for streamlined pairs. 

9. Though a higher-heeled shoe and sock can work, it’s less versatile and effortless than mid to low/flat.


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