Series complete, I simply want more.


After stumbling upon Stranger Things a couple of weeks ago on Netflix, I found myself mesmerised by the throw back opening titles and the 80’s synth soundtrack that came with them. Eight episodes later, the nostalgia of The Goonies, E.T. and Stand by Me was taking effect. There was also a moment of recognition as the letters for Stranger Things come into view, that instantly reminded me of the 1980’s series ‘V‘.

Needing to find out more about the show, and more specifically the opening titles, a little further digging turned up a great article by Sarah Gless discussing the style, colour and typography used, and the possible reasoning why it was so captivating. (no mention of ‘V’ though!)

Check out her musings here, and also see the opening title sequence – a whole 52 seconds worth of goodness.

I’ve also included a link to the ‘V’ opening titles… fast forward to 2:11 to see what I mean. I think this may have been copied from the old VHS format – no dvd quality here kids, but you get the general idea.