Made.com are set to launch has launched yet another TalentLAB, where the team host the Emerging Talent Award, giving the chance for all designers out there the show off what they’re made of and to get that vital foot in the door.

Made.com Talentlab 2017

For a chance to have your product shortlisted by MADE, designers are able to upload their ideas directly to the TalentLAB website, after which time the consumers to be can vote with a small deposit (refundable) showing their interest in seeing the products available to buy on the website, in a similar vain to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It all starts from 31st October this year, so stay tuned.

The countdown has begun!
The website is now open, where you can enter your design and view all the current entries.

Here’s a link to Made.com’s blurb.

Image copyrights Made.com