Held annually on the 21st March, World Poetry Day celebrates poetic expression in all its forms.

The cultural date was adopted by UNESCO in 1999. According to Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO’s Director-General:

‘”Every form of poetry is unique, but each reflects the universal of the human experience, the aspiration for creativity that crosses all boundaries and borders of time, as well as space in the constant affirmation of humanity as a single family. That’s the power of poetry!”

Our Senior Editor Drew Dewhirst penned a poem to commemorate the special date (that rhyme was intentional!). Hope you enjoy the ode to Hallmark’s (amazing) ‘cardboard things.’

Poem created for World Poetry Day 2019

Poem reads:

We create these cardboard things
that balance on a shelf
They let you say the kind of stuff
that you can’t say yourself…
They say ‘Best Daddy Ever’,
(with a picture of a train)
They say ‘I love you Mum,
(and yes, I know that I’m a pain)’
They say ‘Thanks just for being there
when times were getting tough,’
They say ‘I’m sorry for your loss’
when words are not enough.
They tell someone they’re in your thoughts
and held tight in your heart…
They say ‘Life is incredible.
Let’s treasure every part’