If you’re in the vicinity of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) anytime soon, they’re showing the largest-ever exhibition of sculptures and paintings in the UK by the Irish-born artist Sean Scully. At 72 years of age, he has created new works for the YSP.


Wall Dale Cubed – Image ref: blainsouthern.com

“The monumental Wall Dale Cubed (2018) in Lower Park is the latest sculpture that relates to a series of paintings that Scully began in the 1990s. This new sculpture made for YSP uses 1,000 tonnes of Yorkshire stone from a local quarry and was constructed over many weeks. Referencing ancient dry stone walls, such as those commonly found in Yorkshire, Mexico, Egypt and especially those of the Irish Aran Islands, which Scully has intensively photographed, this colossal work is built in the same way throughout, so that ‘when looking at the outside of the block, one can feel the inside without being able to see it’.” – ref: YSP


Crate of Air – Image ref: blainsouthern.com

“The Corten steel Crate of Air (2018) in the Country Park investigates fragmented space or ‘boxes of air’ that form their own frames to the landscape beyond. The angular shapes Scully uses in this sculpture resonate with his paintings and is made up of individual sections that form relationships once pieced together.” – ref: YSP

On the opening day of the exhibition, Sean discussed his work, influences and the inspiration behind recent projects.

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Head over to the YSP Website for full details of the exhibition, or seanscullystudio.com for more on his work.